Saturday, July 6, 2013

What up Dawgz!!???

  Hey everyone! Its been a while since my last entry. Lots have been going on. See how happy I look in my picture? Would you believe I had 4 seizures that day? I've never had 4  seizures before. Everyone was scared for me.  I had 1 of them outside in our front yard, that's never happened before either. The ladies were sure to keep a careful eye out on me. Lady Kay  is kind of suspicious of some doggie biscuits that she gets from me. The last time I went a month w/o the shakes she hadn't bought me any doggie biscuits and within a couple days of her buying them I got the shakes.  (she writes down and documents everything.) So when she did buy them again she gave me 2 the first day, 3 the second say and  the early morning of the 3rd day I had my first seizure at 5:53am. I had my 3rd one at 6:19am. That one lasted 4 minutes. If it ever goes to 5 minutes they have to rush me to the animal E.R. I've been lucky so far. At 1:45pm.  This picture above was about 2:00pm on May 25th, the same day.    I had my last Seizure on  July 9th but no one was there with me.  Lady Kay figured it out when she saw the planter knocked over, the cable box on the floor next to it and I had 2 accidents on the floor :(. Lady Kay cleaned it all up and then gave me cuddles until I feel asleep. That was the last time I got the shakes. 

   Last time you were updated about me my vet, Doc Rick saw something in my eye that made him worried.  Lady Ali took me to the Eye Dr.  

The Dr said the thing in my eyes that Dr Rick saw is gone. I saw Dr Rick 2 days after my last Seizure and sometimes things can linger a few days before they clear up. So that's good news. There's nothing on my optical nerves that require any attention. But there is some nerve damage to the right side of my face and eye. Dr said I could just be a funny little weird unique doggie that was born that way..... OR it could be nerve damage from seizures. And it's irreversible so it wont get better. It will, however probably could get worse when I have Seizures. I just need to be careful about bumping into things because I do that a lot lately. Hopefully I can continue on the course of no seizures and things will start to get better from here!

The thyroid medicine has my coat all soft and shiny!! I'm a handsome dude in action! I'm now taking 2 phenobarbitals a day and 6 potassium bromides. Lady Kay says I'm "poppin pills like a jerry-actress" whatever that means.

So Lady Kay thinks my shakes can be food related. She looked at the ingredient of my doggie biscuits..

and they have Red dye 40 in them. Red dye 40 has been linked to a number of health issues including seizures in pets AND children. Was it a coincidence that after eating a few of these in 2 days I had the shakes : 3 episodes in less than 30 minutes and fourth a few hours later? Aside from that when I didn't have the other doggie treats that had the same ingredient, it was the first time I went a month w/o the shakes.

Lady Kay and some of her other friends with puppy doggies have been sharing recipes for homemade doggie biscuits and treats. She likes to cook and I like to eat so it's perfect!

Here's a couple of the recipes that I really like to bark about:

Oatmeal Peanut Butter Crunchies

1c of whole wheat flour

2ts of baking pwdr

1c of peanut butter

1 c of oatmeal

Mixed it all together

Formed a ball and rolled it out

and cut into shapes. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes.

I love these! They're great and Yummy! But I can't eat too many of them because oats are fiber and they make you have really loose bowels so be careful.

the other recipe i just love too. It's a little different:

Salmon Doggie Goodies:

2c brown rice flour

1/2c whole wheat flour

1tbs baking pwdr

2 eggs

2 Tbs olive oil
1c milk( broth would work equally well )
1 sauteed salmon filet ground/minced. Mix it all together.

You can drop it on a greased cookie sheet by the spoonfuls. I spread the dough in the pan & baked it at 350 for 20- 25 min and then cut them into treat squares:

I keep them refrigerated because of the fresh Salmon that was baked into it. I really love these too. I think you should try them! And please let me know how you all like them. I'm going to have Lady Kay make some for my friends. It would be cool if we could find a way to market it and give some of the proceeds to pets like me. I guess ya never know, it could happen.

I've been getting spoiled with some cool yummy summertime treats and games. I'll share that with you next week!

Sorry my page hasn't been updated. In the middle of May Lady Kay got a really bad cough on a Thursday. She went to bed the next day and stayed for 8 days straight with bronchitis. She developed a Cyst on her eye that needed surgery.

so she hasn't been able to update. Next week she's having surgery on her other eye. She called it a "CAT-or-AX." I tried to tell her if there's a choice to choose the ax because any kind of Cat can't be good...!

It's a crazy summer to be safe out there, cuz life can be ruff!

Friday, April 26, 2013

They See Worry In My Eyes...!

 I went . to my Vet today and saw Dr Witty! He's my buddy. A cool guy with a ponytail and soul patch! I haven't seen him for a few months.  

Lady Ali took me in today to get some blood work done and check my Potassium levels. She also took in the charts for when I have my shakes so the Dr could look and notice any patterns. He decided that it was time to put me on Phenobarbital along with my Potassium Bromide. He also gave them some liquid Valium because a couple of weeks ago I had a seizure that was almost 5 minutes long. When they get to be 5 minutes long it's an emergency situation and they have to rush me to Advanced  Veterinary Care.
   So today I had lots done: Rabies Shot, blood work up to check my potassium levels a Thyroid panel,
   When I walked in for some reason I was scared and didn't really recognize anyone. People kept wanting to pet me but I really wasn't sure if I wanted to be touched.  I was even shaking really bad when they put me on the table to draw my blood and stuff.  Dr Witty thought that was a new reaction because I had never done that before.

 Lady Ali told him I had been running into things lately and that my distance judgement is off.  So Dr Witty looked into both of my eyes.  He looked kind of funny afterwards.  Lady Ali said he was giving us  "The Dr Face."   He told her that he could see something going on with the Optical Nerves in both my eyes, but didn't have the equipment to see everything properly.  He Called it Eddyma. Well I know a guy named Eddy and I'm pretty sure he has a Ma'.  But why would she be in my eyes??   When we got home we looked up the meaning.   It is actually called EDEMA. What that means is fluid build up.  The Dr had a worried look in my eyes. He has suggested we get a brain scan done to look inside my head and see what's going on.  But he says that it explains a lot. It explains why my blood pressure is so high because I can't see so well, And Im probably so skittish because i can't see so well. And I like a lot of sun because it helps me see... And it feels sooo good!

The Ladies keep looking at me kind of sad. They're trying to act normal but there is sadness in their eyes. I heard the word tumor. I hear that word a lot with the word cancer. That C word makes people cry. So I hope I don't catch that C word that makes people cry.  The ladies are trying to help raise money for me for the brain scan. They have donation pages for me and will be having a yard sale to help  with the funds.  I hope that I'm OK and I hope I can continue to be with the ladies for a long healthy time!
One of my donation pages is on my blog.   The other page I we like  Ialso have a page. You can click on these words to get to it: Give Forward.
Thanks for those who have donated already, even though it's not much every penny helps :)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Something About a Hostage Situation

I am so fascinated with The Raggedys!!! Whenever I can get my paws or teeth on one they flip and flop and shake all over the place, I love it! Lady Kay must love them too cuz she has a bunch of them on her bed!
Every time I'm able to snag one of them I run as fast as I can to my Kennel so I can play, explore and dismember it. I don't know how she can tell but she always know when I have them. Like some freaky sort of k9 sense. She's always right behind me to take the Raggedys away and put them back on her bed. 
Well this morning while Lady Kay was brushing her teeth I was able to snag one!!!! Since the water was running she couldn't hear me! I ran out of the room and was so excited I forgot to run into my kennel. I didn't even make it halfway down the hallway when the thrill of it all overcame me! I laid down with such joy and just as I began to play, explore and dismember....I GOT BUSTED!!!!
Lady Kay mentioned something abt... A hostage situation....and then the Raggedy was gone.


Ohhh, but one of these days!!!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

RUFF After Shocks!!

This morning I had my longest and most violent shakes ever. I didn't think I was EVER going to stop!


  They were FOUR long minutes!  My doctor's say if they ever get to be 5 minutes are more to bring me into the Animal Emergency Room. I don't ever want them to be that long. For the last 2 minutes I stood up but couldn't see anything. It was so scary so I tried to run. But each time I lunged forward I felt like I was being choked which scared me even more. I just wanted to get away and kept lunging forward. I don't like when I can't see anything or any body like that.   The ladies tried to put ice packs on me but they weren't really cold  enough. Finally someone started hugging me really tightly to keep me still  and to stop bumping into the wall and windows.  During the last minute I could see Lady Kay was holding me to keep me safe.  She kept calling my name to let me know I wasn't alone and I was safe. It was still scary.  After I stopped shaking they gave me some of that Ice cream stuff  I heard them talking about.  I LIKE IT...and it makes me feel better.  Usually after my shakes I have another withing a few minutes. I only had one this time.  THANK GOODNESS!!! Just having the long one was terrifying enough.  For a really long time afterwords I just walked and walked around the house.  I was really hungry and ate all my food and drank all my water.  I finally fell asleep

 I heard the Ladies say my medication isn't working like they hoped and now they may have to do some other things for me.   They're sacrificing so much to make sure I get well.  I LOVE MY LADIES!

Side Note: When we adopted Jake we wanted to save a life. Since he's been part of the family we are doing our best to help him reach his highest doggie potential. Part of being a responsible animal owner is to get them the training they need to be good canine citizens and to make sure they have their regular health needs taken care of.  Adopting pets is like having children, you don't know what issues and ailments they're going to come with.  Jake's medications are getting expensive as we try to narrow down the cause if his seizures and how to manage them.  There are 2 very important tests he needs to help zoom in on and narrow down his health concerns: One is a  brain scan, the other is a thyroid test. Some of our friends suggest we put him down and take him out of his misery, or take him back to the Human Society where he is sure to be put down because of his medical issues. It angers me how easily it is for some to just toss a life away.  I say to them... Would you put down your own child with epilepsy? down syndrome? Autism?
 Would you take them to foster care or abandon them to be someone else's problem?  Most of these people have the nerve to look at me like I have two heads when I turn the pages on them. They wouldn't dream of doing such things.  And neither would we.
      We've set up a DONATION PAGE for those who are so inclined to help us with raising money to help us get these 2 tests for him. We are confident once his testing is done and we further know how to regulate his situation we'll be able to continue to handle his rx medications.  As an Animal Ambassador and Awareness Dog for Pet Epilepsy, we will be blogging his progress and life every step of the way in hopes to help with  finding a cure and a managing solution for epilepsy in pets and in people. Every penny will help!

Friday, April 5, 2013


 Man O Man it's been nice and warm! I LOVE IT! The ladies say I should be named Sunny the Sun-dog! Around noon I start looking for the bright spots in the room and "lazing down". They also say I've been smiling lately. I was hard for me to smile when it was cold and I was having the shakes every few days. But the sunshine helps.  Sometimes when it gets too hot, I have to do my spider dawg impression and sleep on my back. I cant wait til I get to start taking walks again! Lady Kay used to take me before and after she went to work AND to the dog park on weekends! That was a lot of playing so I did a lot of sleeping!  Thats ok because that's 2 of my favorite things.


  King of Jungle?? NOT ME the Lions can have it! I'm gonna soak up the sun..... Im gonna tell everyone to lighten up! Being king of the rays is where it's at!  And when I make myself too hot from  being in the sun too long they give me frozen chicken bullion cubes to eat. When it's hot and we go on walks I have a puppy back pack and they put ice packs in the pockets to keep me cool.   They ladies also keep talking about something called "swimming!"  I don't know what that is but if it's fun in the sun.... I say lets do it!  I'll keep y'all posted!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

PURPLE DAY 5K..... Hangin With The Purple Peeps!

BEING A PET AMBASSADOR IS "RUFF" WORK!!!                          

Wow! It's been a really "ruff'" 24 hours and I'm Tired! 
 Yesterday befor 12:30 noon time I had 2 more seizures. DAWG GONE IT!!!  I was doing so well. Now I've had 4 in 8 days. It's taking me a shorter time to recover from them. I couldn't see very well for a couple of minutes. I get really hungry afterwards. Is this normal? Well I guess it's part of my normal. 
    Today was a Ruff day too but it was also fun!  Today The ladies took me to the PURPLE DAY 5k PURPLE DAY 5k. For Epilepsy.  It was awesome!! I wasn't feeling my best because I was so tired and nervous from having the shakes yesterday. And it did this thing last night called SNOW!!! I remember being out in it. I like running through it but it makes me shiver when Im in it for so long. It was wet and cold. But even in the wet and snow and cold, people still came out to celebrate and bring awareness and raise money f or this disease that leaves everyone all shook up! (Lady Ali LOVES I threw that in there for her ;)   I was so happy to see so many people and other of my dawggie peeps out. It's good to know that people care.  I heard Lady Kay speak with people who didnt even know that pups like me could get the shakes. They asked what happens to me and how to help me feel better afterwards.  Can you people that people didn't know that dogs get the shakes? (They also think they are in charge but we know we're really sorta kinda in charge )   Today I met A pretty lady Named Angela and her Husband Greg. They are so nice I enjoyed meeting them. They are the one's who invited me to come an be the Pet Ambassador.  It's a tough Job. They gave me a cool purple tag to put on my collar. Im so excited to be sporting it all the time. 

THAT"S ME!!! It's so cool!


Lady Kay totally got all purplefied for the occasion and took some pictures of the fabulous Purple people! Some of them freaked me OUT! But If they were ok with Lady Kay they were ok with me!

Many of the Participants were dressed so creatively.

 I saw a man in a skirt! It was short and they called it a "Tu-tu."  I bet he was cold. I think next time he should get a 4-4 cuz it's prolly twice as long and warmer!

This was right at the beginning of the race! So many people came out to support in the Ruff weather!
I especially liked the people in the purple capes. Capes make you SUPER!

   My name got written on the wall. I've never seen my name written on a wall before. Even though I had a bad day yesterday, today I felt really special, so I want to thank everyone who made me feel that way.

 Last week Lady Kay was so frustrated with my shakes last week she spent one whole night going online and looking up different things about how to ease my discomfort.  They don't last long and so I dont suffer so long while recovering from them.  She found a few things she wants to try. (Should I be uh-scared? She's the crazy one in the house???)  I guess if she doesn't try then we'll never know what other things might help.  She was telling me some things she found.
   She was surfing the web and found this website:

. It was written by a group called "The Epi Guardian Angels"
 "The Epi Guardian Angels  are not vets or canine health professionals. Our support should not be considered a substitute for professional veterinary care, which every epileptic dog needs. If your epi is having an emergency, please take him/her to an emergency clinic immediately. We care deeply about you and your epi, but we are not where you should turn first in an emergency situation" PURPLE DAY 5k

The ladies would never stop or alter my medication without the consent of my Vet! However they are open to trying things that won't hurt me. 

 When I heard a little of what she read I got a little excited!!! Because it involves ICE CREAM!!! I heard it involves Ice packs too but hey, If it gets me summa that stuff called Ice Cream I'm willing to try it!
She learned that some doggies have had success with stopping seizures or shortening them significantly if they put ice bag on the lower part of the small of my back. It's supposed to shorten the seizures. After I'm able to recover a little bit, if she gives me a tablespoon or two of this stuff called Ice Cream (The good stuff, like Breyers or Hagen Das...which doesn't have preservatives in it) it stops me from having a second one.   When I get the shakes, I get really really hot and my blood sugar goes down.   The ice packs will keep me cool and help slow down the electricity to my brain.  The ice cream with the sugar and the fat in it from the cream will raise my blood sugar quickly and Sustain it so it doesn't have a rapid drop.  The only thing I know is that means I GET TO HAVE ICE CREAM!!!!! And seriously, who doesn't want to try a remedy for anything that might involve ICE CREAM???  
   I feel bad because my medication costs A LOT of $$$.  SO when they can afford it the ladies are going to test my Thyroid and other things. I have hope!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Boo! I just had 2 seizures in 12 minutes. They woke me out of a deep sleep. I fell off my day bed and got wedged in between the bookshelf and tv table. Lady Kay had to pull me out by my collar so neither one of them would fall in me. When I have 2 or more in a row like that they call them clusters.
When I have a bunch of clusters they have to give me a seditive in my tail end to make my body stop.  Seizures make me tired and hungry. And sometimes they make me use the bathroom all over when I'm shaking all over the place. I feel really bad when the ladies have to clean up after me. But I like when they let me lay down by them afterwards.  I know I'm loved and I feel well cared for.